Manuscript Consultation


Writing is hard work.

Revision is even harder, and it can be harder still without any outside input. Do you have a manuscript that’s not quite ready for prime time and you’re not quite sure why? You’re not alone. Very few writers, especially first-time writers, can produce a manuscript of publishable quality without some assistance. We know just how valuable that outside review can be. That’s why at Nevermore Press we offer two types of manuscript consultation services.

1. Manuscript Consultation

We will review your draft manuscript, either fiction or nonfiction, and provide a detailed commentary and critique with concrete suggestions of how to revise your manuscript to make it the story you want it to be, including recommendations on character development, setting, dialogue and plot.

2. Manuscript Consultation with Line Edits

We will review your draft manuscript and provide the same consultation services described above with the addition of line edits for grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and style.

To inquire about manuscript consultation services, send an email to Ernie.