Meet the Cover Artist of "Say What You Mean"


Valérie Gagnon was asked to do the cover artwork of Say What You Mean by Jan L. Coates because of her local reputation for incredible pet portraits. This Lunenburg-based artist is originally from Quebec, where she studied fine arts. After college, Valérie followed her passion for traveling across the country before she found herself in Nova Scotia. She fell in love, packed her bags, and landed here in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

"It has been quite an interesting and fun process, and very new to me," Valérie said on the process of creating the cover artwork. "I really enjoyed reading the book and putting on paper my vision of it with the guidance of the author. We had a great collaboration and I am very proud of the result."

In her spare time, Valérie experiments with other artistic mediums including refurbishing furniture, and enjoys visiting and hiking around the beaches in Nova Scotia.

Emily Lawrence