Review of Broken Symmetry

Check out this review of Broken Symmetry by Rosalie Osmond.

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"I felt this book like a punch to the gut. This read was visceral. My emotions ran rampant. I couldn't write a review immediately. When I came to the end of this book, I gingerly placed it on my desk, next to my computer, and stared at the cover each time I sat there. Every time I thought about this book I was right back in the middle of reading and feeling again the deep sense of heartache that seems to permeate the pages.

For the first 50 pages a sense of foreboding settled into my reader's psyche and with every turn of the last 191 pages I felt as if my heart would break for the characters.

One of the haunting passages in the book that accurately sums up my feelings — "Joan was starting to see that there were forces at work here, burrowing under the uneven wooden floor, whispering through the ill fitting doors, than she had imagined."

This book has all the traits of a heartbreaking family saga. Deeply flawed characters, love, jealousy, sibling rivalry, family greed and passion. Like me you might finish this book and say that was a sad read, but I hope like me you finish this book and feel the depths of emotions that any well written book should make a reader feel. Thank you Rosalie Osmond for this superb book."

— Atlantic Book Reviews